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Mizuno Windproof Lined Sweater

Mizuno Windproof Lined Sweater

Aled Griffiths

There’s no reason to stop enjoying golf when it gets a bit chilly. You can wear this smart sweater out on the course or simply tuck it away in your bag for when it’s needed.

The wind-proof lining gives you incredible warmth and protection on the course, but the lightweight fabric means you can still swing with freedom to play your best golf, which we really appreciate!

Key features and benefits:

  • Lightweight fabric is unrestricted and comfortable on the golf course
  • Wind-proof design keeps you protected in windy weather
  • Lined construction provides warmth in chilly weather
  • Stand-up collar gives you additional warmth and protection for your neck
  • Ribbed collar, cuffs & hem for a stylish finish and tailored fit

If you want to stay protected in style on the course or away from the course, feel free to reserve this sweater in our Pro Shop now by clicking below.


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